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Video: Nas - Hip-Hop Is Dead

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By Rodney Dugue

Video: Nas - Hip-Hop Is Dead

Nas - Hip-Hop Is Dead © Def Jam

Video: Nas - Hip-Hop Is Dead

"Hip-Hop Is Dead" is the lead single from Nas' eigth studio album of the same title.


Poor Nas. Poorer Video. Def Jam gets away with using my brother’s allowance to create a grimy, warehouse feel that reckons the question: what is this video about? I’m still not sure; Nas looks perplexed, either forgetting or not knowing he’s in front of a camera instead of a mirror.

I get it, the video is supposed to represent a theme; the video is dead, the funds are dead, and the cinematography is dead. Good thing hip-hop isn’t dead, right?

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