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Hip-Hop History

Learn about the history and foundation of hip-hop and how hip-hop culture has influenced the world at large. Hip-hop 101. Class is now in session.
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What is emceeing? What are the element of emceeing?

Hip-Hop Timeline
An extensive history of hip-hop culture that dates back to the 1920's.

Hot 97
A profile of New York's Hot 97 FM, one of the most respected hip-hop radio stations.

Rap vs. Hip-Hop
What's the difference between rap and hip-hop?

Temple of Hip-Hop
Founded by KRS-One, the Temple of hip-hop offers insight on various aspects of the culture.

A History of Hip-Hop at the Oscars
It's hard out here for a rapper at the Oscars. Through the years, hip-hop has managed to score a few wins at the Academy Awards.

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