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Battle Rap


What Is Battle Rap?:

Battle rap is a style of hip-hop that stems from the quest to be competitive within the culture. Although, battle rap is sometimes directed to anonymous rivals or used as a forum to sharpen one’s lyrical swords, it could be utilized in calling out detractors when made specifically for an individual.

Elements & Style:

Braggadocio is the crux of battle rap. Battle emcees focus on boastful lines and self-glorifying rhymes about one's proficiency or level of success, accompanied by verbal insults hurled at the other party directly or subliminally. Battle rappers often go as far as researching the dirty past of an opponent in order to dig up some self-injuring facts. These are then incorporated into the rhymes to downgrade the opposing party.

Notable Battle Rappers:

Notable Battle Songs:

Notable Hip-Hop Battles:

  • Death Row Vs. Bad Boy Records
  • Nas Vs. Jay-Z
  • LL Cool J Vs. Canibus
  • Common Vs. Ice Cube
  • Busy Bee Vs. Kool Moe Dee
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