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Hip-Hop Genres

Hip-hop is comprised of various sub-genres and styles, as well regional scenes. Learn about the different forms of rap.

A Guide to Hip-Hop Sub-genres and Styles
Hip-hop is a celebration of diversity. Here's a brief rundown of hip-hop sub-genres and the key artists within each genre.

Conscious Rap
Conscious rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop that focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge.

Battle Rap
Battle rap is one of the most original forms of hip-hop.

Crunk is a high-energy style of rap that originated in the Dirty South.

East Coast Hip-Hop
Learn about the east coast style of hip-hop.

Gangsta Rap
Gangsta rap is essentially hardcore hip-hop.

Hyphy is a regional scene that gained popularity in the Bay Area.

Snap is a fun style of rap that originated in Atlanta.

Southern Rap
Southern rap is one of the most popular forms of hip-hop.

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