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Hip-Hop Charts

Find out what artists are cruising past others on the rap/hip-hop charts.
  1. Top 10 Rap Songs (122)
  2. Top Rap Albums Charts (34)

Audio Street
Some of the best underground rap music is showcased on the charts of audiostreet. If that doesn't get you clicking away, then this will: it has the added benefit of free mp3's.

Billboard Rap/Hip-Hop Albums Chart
Billboard chart displays a weekly top 10 based on sales and airplay.

Chart Attack
Canadian-based weekly hip-hop/beatbox charts based on airplay.

Rap Network Record Breakers
Record Breakers is a far cry from your typical rap chart. It features mostly underrated artists.

Top 10 Songs
A frequently-updated chart displaying the Top 10 songs for the week.

Rhapsody Rap Chart
Top rap/hip-hop tracks courtesy of Rhapsody.

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