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10th Annual Justo Mixtape Awards - December 7th, 2006

A Missed Fate

By Rodney Dugue

10th Annual Justo Mixtape Awards - December 7th, 2006

2006 Justo Mixtape Awards

Not to be mistaken for an underground karaoke contest, the 10th annual Mixtape Awards, in so many ways, was an open karaoke contest with each winner and presenter attempting to offer their own rendition of the night’s theme, and the ditty was simple–-the success is a hustle, so hustle hard.

The show commenced with a marching line-up of kids banging their cymbals emerging from either side of the general seating area and onto the stage. It wasn’t a performance but an introduction for what was to follow. The Sugar Hill Gang graced the stage to give an invigorated performance of “Rapper’s Delight” with the crowd in full unison rapping along. DJ Red Alert, as the host, played the role of a hip grandfather, educating and advocating preservation of the culture. Donnel Rawlins (aka Ashy Larry) provided comic relief as the atmosphere grew tense poking fun at people who wake up with a petulant attitude (also an attitude that cannot be reprinted in a public medium).

From there, the show was bogged down by rowdy attendants and eventually cut short by order of the police marshal. Not much else really to report, unless belligerent behavior is your type of thing, this awards show was hardly a tribute to its deceased founder, Justo. Well, at least, there will be another show, next year and maybe then they will get it right.


  • Best Blends Mixtape: Dirty Harry
  • Best Canadian Mixtape DJ: Rated R
  • Best Chop & Screw Mixtape DJ: Michael "5000" Watts
  • Best Club Mixtape DJ: Clinton Sparks
  • Best Dirty South Mixtape Artist: Lil' Wayne
  • Best Dirty South Mixtape DJ: DJ Drama
  • Best DVD Magazine: Cheddar
  • Best DVD Mixtape Video: Juice
  • Best East Coast Mixtape Artist: Clipse
  • Best East Coast Mixtape DJ: Green Lantern
  • Best Female Mixtape DJ: Brandi Garcia
  • Best Graphics On A Mixtape: Miami Kaos
  • Best Hip-Hop Mixtape: Young Jeezy - 1st and 3rd Gangsta Grillz
  • Best Label Representative: Young Sav
  • Best Mashup Award: Vlad & Roc Raida
Complete List of Winners
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