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DJ Screw (1971 - 2000)


DJ Screw (1971 - 2000)

DJ Screw

DJ Screw the Icon:

Born: Robert Earl Davis, jr. on July 20, 1971 in Houston, TX.

It all started with one man and his desire to slow the world down. Though his unfortunate demise on November 16, 2000, has been surrounded by several myths, DJ Screw's iconic stripe has never been in question.

The Technique:

Legend has it that a DJ named Darryl Scott initiated the art of slowing records back in the early 80s, but it was Screw (born Robert Earl Davis jr.) who propelled that art form to unfathomable heights. Using the pitch control feature on the turntable, Screw was able to cut the normal speed of his records in half, giving them a woozy feel. Screw's hallucinogenic hip-hop style grew in popularity via the famous screwed up tapes.

His Legacy:

Screw never released his music on a major imprint, but labels now offer C&S versions of prominent CDs. Artists like Lil Wayne, Common, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Dem Franchize Boyz, and even rockers the Transplants have all had their albums chopped and screwed by the triumvirate of Screw's discipleship: O.G. Ron C, Michael "5000" Watts, and Paul Wall. What's more, some have successfully chopped & screwed R&B CDs and even music videos, regularly featured on Chop TV.

Like a true legend, DJ Screw pioneered, perfected, and popularized a unique movement. A moment of silence for the late great Mayor of Screwston, TX.

Where to Find Screw's Music:

DJ Screw's tapes and CDs are available through Screweduprecords.com or 7717 Cullen Blvd. Unit C Houston TX 77051
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