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50 Cent


Known To His Parents As:

Curtis James Jackson III


July 6, 1975

Interesting Facts About 50 Cent:

  • 50 Cent borrowed his stage moniker from a late Brooklyn druglord named Kelvin Martin.
  • 50 dabbled in boxing in his teenage years.

50 Cent's Early Life:

Life hasn't always been smooth-sailing for 50 Cent. He grew up in a poverty-stricken province of South Side Jamaica, Queens in New York. As a teenager, he was was fondly known as Boo-Boo. At age 8, 50 went from not having enough to not having his mom around. His mother was murdered allegedly over a drug-related incident.

50 Cent Learns "How To Rob":

Having ran the streets as a drug kingpin, 50 Cent was eager to find an escape route. Jam Master Jay, one-third of Run-DMC, took 50 under his wings and helped him perfect the art of song-writing. Desperate to get his own shot at success, he later hooked up with production duo, Trackmasters, and released the controversial single, "How To Rob." Using "How To Rob" as a podium, 50 called out every successful artist at the time, citing ways/reasons he could rob them.

I Got Shot 9 Times:

Despite the media frenzy that accompanied "How To Rob," 50's debut album (Power of the Dollar) was never officially released. Things grew worse when 50 was attacked by a gunman outside his grandmother's house on May 24, 2000. He was allegedly struck 9 times. One of the bullets pierced his left cheek, clipped a chunk of gum, and left him with a permanent slur. 50 survived the attack, but his record company, Columbia dropped him afterwards.

Get Rich or Die Tryin':

Fortunately for Curtis, Eminem heard one of his mixtapes and declared him a favorite. A bidding war ensued among the big league labels, but 50 Cent eventually made a move

that would change his life forever--he signed a joint deal with Eminem's Shady Records and Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, both distributed by Interscope. His major debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin', sold over 800,000 units in its first week. While it featured some potent hits, critics lamented that 50 basked in the shooting incident too much. Get Rich... was later certified diamond for sales exceeding 10 million units.

50 Cent's Numerous Battles:

With success comes great responsibility. Following his sudden rise to fame and insurmountable record sales, 50 soon found himself at odds with other artists, the most prominent being fellow Queens rapper Ja Rule. The story goes that 50 Cent was angered by Ja's failure to acknowledge his presence at a video shoot, prior to 50's major debut. The two have dissed back and forth ever since. Other rappers that have feuded with 50 in the past include:

50 Cent Discography:

  • 2000 - Power of The Dollar(Columbia)
  • 2002 - Guess Who's Back (Full Clip) Compare Prices
  • 2003 - Get Rich or Die Tryin'(Interscope) Compare Prices
  • 2005 - The Massacre(Interscope) Compare Prices
  • 2005 - Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack(Interscope) Compare Prices
  • 2007 - Curtis

50 Cent In His Own Words:

"You know if me and [Eminem] is in the same room then it's gonna be a friendly competition, neither of us wanna let the other one down. And Dre??? C'mon."

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