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The 10 Best Female Rappers

10 Best Female Rappers


I can't imagine hip-hop without the ladies. Rappers like Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott and Lauryn HIll have introduced game-changing elements to hip-hop culture and continue to influence the new generation of emcees -- male or female. And they did with pure skills and creativity. Here are the greatest female rappers of all time.
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  1. 10. Foxy Brown
  2. 9. Eve
  3. 8. Lil' Kim
  4. 7. Rah Digga
  5. 6. Jean Grae
  6. 5. Da Brat
  7. 4. Missy Elliott
  8. 3. Queen Latifah
  9. 2. Lauryn Hill
  10. 1. MC Lyte

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