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Top 10 Rapper-Producers


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Top 10 Rapper-Producers

Q-Tip's voice is hard to mimic, impossible to forget. Though he raps like he's fighting a cold, Tip is devastatingly talented and largely influential. His work with A Tribe Called Quest is essential material. When Tribe broke up in 1998 he proceeded to stamp his solo brand on 1999's Amplified. The man who warned us that "record company people are shady" would eventually get a taste of label politics. Nine years passed between his solo debut and his sophomore set, The Renaissance. Meanwhile, Kamaal the Abstract was ready for release in 2002, but it didn't hit shelves until 2009. You should buy all three. Tip also has a production discography to die for. He's tracked firecrackers for Nas ("One Love"), Mobb Deep ("Temperature's Rising," "Give up the Goods"), Mariah Carey ("Honey"), Whitney Houston ("Fine"), and others. Q-Tip is a legitimate double threat.

Essential: Amplified

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