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Hip-Hop Lists and Reviews


Separating the best of rap music from the rest can be a tricky process. In the vast and diverse world of hip-hop, things can get a little at times. Start with these recommendations and you're sure to discover an album or song that will make a lasting impression.
  1. Best Reviewed Albums
  2. Best Reviewed Songs
  3. Essential Hip-Hop
  4. Best Rap Music by Decade
  5. Best Rap Songs by Artist
  6. Best Rap Music by Year
  1. Award Winners
  2. Hip-Hop Novelty
  3. Hip-Hop Discographies
  4. Worst of Hip-Hop
  5. Readers' Picks

Best Reviewed Albums

Killer Mike

I've reviewed hundreds of albums over the years, but only a handful of hip-hop albums have swept me off my feet. I've compiled the lucky few into one simple pool for your convenience.

Best Reviewed Songs

The Roots

Explore the best rap songs on the planet. These are songs with 4.5 - 5-star ratings.

Essential Hip-Hop

Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Sure, there's plenty of good hip-hop music out there, but only a handful of those could be labeled "essential." Consult the lists below for albums, artists and songs that every hip-hop head should know.

Best Rap Music by Decade

Nas - Illmatic

You'll find one or two albums here that evoke some pleasant memories. You'll probably rediscover some old favorites. At the end of the day, you'll walk away feeling wistfully nostalgic.

Best Rap Songs by Artist

2Pac -

Selections from the catalogs of some ivy league MCs. These are records that separate the boys from the men.

Best Rap Music by Year

Every year has its highs and lows. We'll spare you the ugly side and focus on the best music and moments of the past few years.

Award Winners

Hip-hop artists are recognized for their work every year. Here's a round-up of award nominees and winners over the years.

Hip-Hop Novelty

Unique lists and recommendations for heads who want something more than the usual. These range from sentimental rap songs to the best sophomore rap albums.

Hip-Hop Discographies

Jay-Z - The Blueprint

Most rappers would give a limb to have Jay-Z's catalog. Some would kill to have Eminem's. To better understand why, you'll need to study the discographies of these rap greats.

Worst of Hip-Hop


OK, I lied. I promised to only highlight the best of hip-hop music here. But how can we embrace the best and completely ignore the things we despise about hip-hop culture?

Readers' Picks

Your favorite artists, albums, and more. Check out our readers' picks and feel free to add your voice to the conversation.

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