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Xzibit - Full Circle (Open Bar / Koch)

Xzibit - Full Circle Review

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Ivan Rott

Xzibit - Full Circle (Open Bar / Koch)

Xzibit - Full Circle © Open Bar / Koch

Maintaining his habit of dropping an album every other year, Xzibit returns with Full Circle, a title which symbolizes X to the Z’s growth throughout his decade-long career. With independent distribution rights through Koch Records, Xzibit takes measures into his own hands, collaborating alongside fellow west coast emcees: Daz, Kurupt, The Game, Too $hort, King Tee. His sixth album, Full Circle finds Xzibit, as always, describing the world around him and expressing his inner-most thoughts.

X Came Back "Rollin'" on Full Circle

One of the great qualities Xzibit possesses is his impressive versatility. His ability to weave through tracks as a hardcore, punch-line-spitting emcee, and effortlessly revert to assume the role of poignant thought-provoker, is evident (it’s no wonder he’s simultaneously gaining acclaim as an actor as well.) On the DJ Quik-produced "Ram Part Division," X personifies a crooked LAPD officer: “I shout ‘Freeze!’ at the top of my lungs/ I’m the cream of the crop/ You don’t stop, you’ll get popped by my warning shots/ And if you try to come back with a civil suit/ I’ll sit back and watch my system take a sh*t on you.”

Malcom X to the Z

On "Black & Brown," Xzibit tackles the racial tension that plagues society, and particularly in the bubbling melting pot that is Los Angeles. With a mellow, conversational flow, Malcolm X to the Z lectures: "All I’m saying is the God’s-honest truth of it all/ We’re fighting the wrong enemy/ That’s why I’m gettin’ involved/ It’s just like the end of that movie Saw/ When them two chained up guys/ Met with their demise/ And the mastermind was layin’ there the whole time…remember that?/ That’s why we have to sit down/ And speak about the Black and the Brown."

...With a Little Help from Friends

Production on "Full Circle" is top-notch for the most part, supplied by distinguished beatsmiths such as DJ Quik, Rick Rock, Jelly Roll and Daz, not to mention Keith Shocklee of the esteemed Bomb Squad, responsible for producing much of Public Enemy’s material, as well as Ice Cube’s first two albums. "Full Circle" also boasts a who’s who list of west coast veterans, from King Tee and Too $hort, two true O.G. rappers, to relatively new faces such as Compton’s own The Game. Nonetheless, it’s X who shines the most, track-by-track, preserving Full Circle as an "Xzibit album."

The Bottom Line on Full Circle

Xzibit concludes the album with the tour de force "Thank You," a heartfelt ode to his son as well as deceased friend and fellow Detroit rapper Proof, but above all to his fans for "being around/ And patiently waiting and holding me down." Over melodious piano loops and drum kicks, Xzibit comes "full circle," expressing gratitude to his fans for "watching (him) grow from a boy to man" and stating that "without no you, there could be no me." It’s been a long ride, but as his album would suggest, Full Circle finds Xzibit at a comfortable position in the game. Bravo Xzibit! Here’s to another ten years!

Top Tracks
  • "Rollin’" (featuring Jelly Roll)
  • "Family Values"
  • "Black & Brown" (featuring Jelly Roll)
  • "Thank You"
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