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Dead Prez Presents: M-1 Confidential (Sotti/Koch)

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Dead Prez Presents: M-1 Confidential (Sotti/Koch)

Album Cover: © Koch

M-1 Vs. dead prez

"It's important that people understand this: Confidential is not a Dead Prez album," says M-1 emphatically in a recent About Rap interview. Fortunately for Dead Prez fans, he lies. Although, Confidential was solely orchestrated by M, the solidarity themes and incisive subject matter that are usually associated with Dead Prez are all here.


The self-proclaimed "Rap Brown Gangsta" delivers sharply insightful lyrics on the outstanding "Been Through," with Ghostface supplying FishScale-like nostalgia. The thumping "Early" - an ode to DPz catch 'em young movement - reunites M-1 with his brother from another, Stic Man. Write off the Q-Tip-assisted "Love You Can't Borrow" for just another lovefest at your own peril. The song is actually a compelling sunday-in-the-park groove with a Native Tongues feel.

A Lovely Revolution

Although Confidential is stanchioned by congruent guest features, M does fine on his own. The title track features mellow piano loops lifted right off a Soul station, with M-1 unleashing stream-of-consciousness musings on his most recent daydream: "If you looking for Assata Shakur, she's right here. It's her, me & 2Pac over here having a beer,cheers - a toast to a lovely revolution!"

The Bottom Line

The main difference between M-1's solo project and the dead prez mantra is the former's choice of meticulously edgier production. Where Stic Man would have probably cringed at the idea of "The Beat" (pun intended), M-1 tears through the song's underwhelming soundbed with unparalleled aplomb. Thankfully, stellar production abound on joints like the Styles-helmed "Comrade's Call" and "Land Bread & Housing," which features Mama M-1.

Throughout Confidential, M-1 doesn't aspire to strike a chord with new fans, he only asks that you listen with a new ear. And, oh yeah, he was right, this is not a Dead Prez album.

Top Tracks
  • Been Through
  • 5 Elements
  • Don't Put Down Your Flag
  • Land, Bread & Housing
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