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A quick reference to 2012 hip-hop release dates and monthly countdowns.

Top 10 Rap Albums - December 2012
Counting down December's top 10 rap albums.

Meek Mill - 'Dreams & Nightmares'
Meek Mill makes the leap from mixtape rapper to major label star on Dreams & Nightmares.

Top 10 New Rap Albums - October
Dive in for October's best new rap releases.

Top 10 Rap Albums - September 2012
Ten new hip-hop albums worth checking out this month.

Top 10 Rap Albums - February 2012
Check out the top new rap albums out this February.

Top 10 Rap Albums - March 2012
Counting down the hottest new rap albums for March.

Top 10 Rap Albums, April 2012
Inside: Nine albums aimed at hip-hop musos and one aimed at Barbz.

Top 10 Rap Albums for May 2012
10 hip-hop albums worth checking for this May.

Top 10 Rap Albums, June 2012
Counting down June's best new rap albums.

Top 10 Rap Albums - July 2012
Pop the hood for July's top new rap albums.

Top 10 Rap Albums - August 2012
Counting down August's top 10 new hip-hop albums.

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