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Los Angeles Freeway Map - Major Routes - Numbers and Names
Los Angeles freeway map showing the major freeways in the Los Angeles area with their common nicknames.
San Diego Freeways - About.com
Although the California freeway system is the best in the country, it's still the cause for many a headache in the land of the automobile. Here's the lowdown on  ...
Names and Numbers of Freeways in Los Angeles
In case you do listen to a radio or TV traffic report for Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, these are the names you'll hear for the numbered freeways.
Los Angeles Driving Distances and Freeway Map - California Travel
IMPORTANT: Average speed on freeways and Los Angeles city streets can vary widely. For example, speeds on US 101 average 5 to 20 mph during congested ...
Driving in Los Angeles: Freeways, Tips and Traffic Report Lingo
The American love affair with the automobile may well have been born in Los Angeles, and most people get around by car on one of the many freeways. Driving ...
What was the first freeway built in the U.S.? - Geography - About.com
The answer to the geography question - What was the first freeway built in the ... The first freeway in the United States connected downtown Los Angeles with ...
Freeways and Highways in Michigan - Information About Driving on ...
Each state in the nation has its own unique freeway system. To make matters more interesting, the terms "freeway" or "interstate" or "expressway" can mean ...
Navigating Surface Streets in Los Angeles - Los Angeles Travel
It is not uncommon for Los Angeles freeways to be jammed at any time of the day or night, but you can just about guarantee that the major arteries will be ...
12 Driving Shortcuts in LA - Los Angeles - About.com
There are short cuts that become so popular they earn nicknames like Fountain Ave. in Hollywood, also known as "The Fountain Freeway." Here is a list of just a  ...
Serial Killer William Bonin - The Freeway Killer
William Bonin was a habitual sex offender turned serial killer, suspected of sexually assaulting, torturing and killing at least 21 boys and young men in California.
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